Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lorraine Swanson

This is completely random but soo funny I can't keep it to myself. If you have ever watched MAD TV you probably know about Lorraine Swanson. She's a goofy lady who is awkward, rude at times, and all around hilarious. I was watching some clips on YouTube last night and want to share my favorite one...Lorraine Buys a Bed


Monday, September 27, 2010

Olivia Palermo

When I watch The City I can't help but LOVE Olivia's fashion. Okay so she might have a stylist but still she always looks fabulous. Her hair is gorgeous along with her makeup. I notice she does a lot thick upper lid eyeliner and then the rest is pretty plain and simple. In her most recent pictures she has shorter hair. I personally like her with longer hair but she is still gorgeous!

all pictures from people.com 

Sad, Sad Story

Ok so I had another blog (kerryberry2319.com) but I accidentally deleted it. I had two google accounts and it was confusing me so I deleted one without realizing my blog was connected with it. I lost all my posts and everything :(. The bright side: it's a fresh start (although I really liked my other blog).

I have a Luuux page as well: I don't know what the URL is but you can find me under KerryMarie

Thanks for reading :)